Meet Sehun.

저 하늘이 눈에 가장 클 때가 등이 바닥에 부딪혔을 때라 ”
"Because the sky looks the biggest when your back is on the ground"  -Tablo


healing--unicorn: OMFG those shirts look beautiful! How did you make them??

im so sorry for answering this late!! :< but i posted an explanation here

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fucklngjongin: are you selling those shirts? c: if you are I would really consider buying one c:

as of right now i don’t think i will. but mainly because i dont have time to make more shirts and i want to keep the one i made so me and my friend will probably make more for sale later when we have our winter breaks and stuff :> when we do i’ll make a post and let you guys know! ^_^

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when you tell sehun he’s handsome

Anonymous: diy/tutorials on how you made the shirts? theyre pretty

i followed this tutorial ^_^

the font that i used is High School USA Serif, which you can download here

I typed each individual numbers out on their own paper because they’re huge (font size for numbers is 700, font size for letters is 300; you can fix these depending on how big your shirt is). I used photoshop to make the numbers before i print them because they don’t fit on microsoft word.

I still have the stencils i made so message me if you want them. i have kai, kris, and d.o. if you still have any more questions lemme know :) sorry if all that didnt make sense HAHA